Asia Cup 2023: Proposed Hybrid Model and Sri Lanka as Host for India-Pakistan Matches

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ASIA CUP 2023: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has proposed a hybrid model for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023, which is expected to receive approval from the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). According to the model, Sri Lanka will serve as the neutral venue for India’s matches, while four to five games of the tournament will be held in Pakistan. Notably, all India-Pakistan matches, including the final if India qualifies, will take place in Sri Lanka.

Introduction and Proposed Hybrid Model for Asia Cup

The Asia Cup 2023 is garnering attention as cricket fans eagerly await the tournament. One of the key discussions revolves around the proposed hybrid model to accommodate India and Pakistan’s preferences. This innovative approach aims to address the long-standing challenge of both teams being unwilling to play in each other’s countries. The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is expected to approve this model, paving the way for an exciting tournament.

Sri Lanka as the Neutral Venue for India-Pakistan Matches

In a significant development, Sri Lanka has been chosen as the neutral venue for India’s matches in the Asia Cup 2023. This decision ensures a fair and balanced playing field for both teams, especially during high-stakes India-Pakistan encounters. Additionally, if India qualifies for the final, it will also be held in Sri Lanka, adding to the anticipation surrounding the tournament.

The Tournament Window and Games in Pakistan

The Asia Cup 2023 is scheduled to take place between September 1-17. During the Pakistan leg of the tournament, it is highly likely that the games will be played in Lahore. This presents an exciting opportunity for cricket enthusiasts in Pakistan to witness top-level matches on home soil.

Furthermore, the approval of the hybrid model represents a significant breakthrough. It not only resolves the ongoing impasse between India and Pakistan but also has broader implications for future ICC events. This agreement could potentially ease Pakistan’s path to traveling to India for the World Cup, fostering better cricketing relations between the two nations.

The Hybrid Model as a Solution

The adoption of the hybrid model for the Asia Cup is a pragmatic solution to address the political tensions between India and Pakistan. India’s refusal to tour Pakistan necessitated this model, allowing Pakistan to retain its hosting rights. Initially, the UAE was considered as a second venue, but concerns were raised by Bangladesh regarding extreme weather conditions in the Middle East during September.

To overcome these challenges, PCB head Najam Sethi presented the details of the hybrid model to Pankaj Khimji, head of Oman Cricket and the ACC vice president. This model considers the ongoing political tensions between the governments of India and Pakistan while ensuring the tournament proceeds smoothly.

Overcoming Challenges and PCB’s Determination

The journey toward finalizing the Asia Cup format has not been without obstacles. The PCB, as the appointed hosts, was determined to include games in Pakistan to showcase their cricketing prowess. Initially, there were discussions about the UAE as a neutral venue, and Sri Lanka expressed interest in hosting the entire tournament. However, objections to the hybrid model were raised by the BCB and SLC.

Nevertheless, through persistent efforts and negotiations, a breakthrough was achieved. The proposed hybrid model strikes a balance between various stakeholders’ concerns and ensures that a part of the tournament is played in Pakistan, fulfilling the PCB’s aspirations.

Groupings and Format of the Asia Cup

In the Asia Cup 2023, India, Pakistan, and Nepal have been grouped together. This format aims to provide valuable preparation for the upcoming World Cup, with an emphasis on the 50-over format. The tournament will feature a total of 13 matches, including the final, to be played across 13 days.

Following the group stage, the top two teams from each group will advance to the Super 4s round. This stage will further intensify the competition, with the top two teams from the Super 4s vying for a spot in the final. Notably, if India and Pakistan make it to the final, fans could witness three enthralling encounters between the arch-rivals.

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