The Kerala Story: Geert Wilders Demands Screening in European Cinemas to Raise Awareness on Forced Religious Conversion

the Kerala story
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The Kerala Story, a documentary film, has been widely recognized, with individuals and organizations around the world offering their backing. Geert Wilders, European Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Party for Freedom (PVV) was particularly taken by the movie and expressed his approval via a tweet. Wilders pointed out that this film serves as a stern warning of the dangers associated with Islamic ideology and girls converting to the faith.

Geert Wilders calls for the screening of The Kerala Story in European cinemas to raise awareness of forced religious conversion.

Wilders has taken it upon himself to extend his support by encouraging Sudipto Sen and Vipul Amrutlal Shah to display the movie in European theatres. Even offering to showcase the film in the Dutch parliament should they require it. He has utilized the hashtag #KeralaStoryRevealsFacts in all of his tweets to promote the significance of the documentary and its ability to bring forth the reality of religious conversion in Kerala.

“The Kerala Story”: A Documentary on Forced Conversions of Hindu Girls to Islam in Kerala, India.

Canadian filmmaker Sudipto Sen created a documentary entitled The Kerala Story which investigates the occurrence of Hindu girls in the southern Indian state of Kerala being coerced into Islam. By shining a light on extremist views and their consequences on people, this production brings awareness to the menace of pressure in relation to religious conversion.

This documentary uncovers the complexities of religious conversion by exploring personal testimonies from those claiming to have experienced it as a form of coercion, and engaging with professionals on the subject. Its exploration of the theme has generated heated discussions regarding religious liberty in India and put the spotlight on the need to safeguard fundamental human rights.

“The Kerala Story: Geert Wilders Supports Documentary on Forced Religious Conversion in Kerala”

While the film has received support from Wilders and other individuals and organizations, it has also been criticized for promoting a narrow and divisive narrative. Critics argue that the documentary focuses exclusively on the alleged conversion of Hindu girls to Islam, ignoring the larger issue of religious conversions in general.

“The Kerala Story: Geert Wilders and Others Show Support, but Critics Call for a Broader Narrative”

To conclude, Geert Wilders and others’ endorsement of The Kerala Story shows the magnitude of the documentary in bringing the problem of enforced religious conversion in Kerala to light. The film has caused intense discussions about the intricacies of religious transformation and the need for a robust defense of religious autonomy and human rights. Notwithstanding, the censures of the documentary also draw attention to the need for developing a narrative that enhances discourse and appreciation between dissimilar religious sects.

Seeing the story of Kerala, Geert Wilders said on her official Twitter account #SaveOurDaughter

Politician Geert Wilders, leader of the right-wing Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), has been known to stir the pot with his outspoken views on immigration, Islam, and multiculturalism. Now, did something happen in Kerala that caused Geert to make a statement on Twitter? #SaveOurDaughter If we want to get the scoop, we’ll need a bit more context! It’s time to join forces and uncover the details behind this mysterious tweet.

The Kerala Story box office day –  1

“The Kerala Story” is a Hindi film based on a true story that has caused controversy. The film was released in limited theaters on May 5th and is estimated to have cost between 35 and 40 crores to produce. On the first day of its release, the film earned a total of 7.50 to 8 crores in net collections from India, with an additional three crores earned from the National Multiplex Theater.

The Kerala Story Film

Kerala story is a controversial Hindi film based on a true story. The plot revolves around an innocent Hindu woman from Kerala who converts to Islam after being misled by her acquaintances. Later, she gets handed over to the terrorist group known as ISIS.

The film’s storyline has sparked a lot of controversy, with many people expressing dissatisfaction and holding rallies calling for its ban. There has been a recent change in the description of the film’s trailer, from “story of 32,000 women” to “story of three women,” which has led to further debate and argument.

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