Manish Kashyap: Tamil Nadu Governor Approves Decision to Impose NSA

Manish Kashyap
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Manish Kashyap a popular YouTuber, has been facing a series of difficulties in recent times. He was lodged in a Tamil Nadu jail and has now received another blow. Kashyap will have to spend the next 11 months in the Tamil Nadu jail as the Tamil Nadu governor has approved the National Security Act (NSA) imposed on him by Governor Ravindra Narayan Ravi.

The governor’s approval came after Manish Kashyap was found guilty of spreading misinformation and promoting communal disharmony through his YouTube channel. The NSA empowers the government to detain any individual for up to 12 months without trial. Kashyap has been in jail for over a month now and his family is extremely worried about his well-being.

On May 6, a notification was issued regarding the governor’s order. The notification stated that Kashyap would remain in jail until further notice. The decision has sparked outrage among Kashyap’s supporters, who believe that he is being unfairly targeted by the authorities.

The use of NSA on  Manish Kashyap has caused controversy

Manish Kashyap’s case has become a matter of national debate, with many people questioning the government’s use of the NSA to silence dissenting voices. Kashyap’s family has claimed that he is innocent and that he was framed by his political opponents. 

The Manish Kashyap case has attracted attention from across the country, with many people taking to social media to express their support for him. A number of prominent journalists, politicians, and activists have also spoken out against Kashyap’s detention.

The government has defended its decision to impose the NSA on Kashyap, stating that his YouTube channel was promoting hate speech and inciting violence. They claim that his videos were responsible for instigating communal clashes in the region. The government has also dismissed allegations of torture and stated that Kashyap is being treated in accordance with the law.

Supporters Claim Innocence While Critics Question Government’s Commitment to Free Speech and Human Rights

However, Kashyap’s family and supporters continue to maintain that he is innocent and that he has been falsely implicated in the case. They have also expressed concern about his health, as he has been suffering from several medical conditions.

The use of the NSA to detain Kashyap has raised questions about the government’s commitment to free speech and human rights. Critics argue that the government is using the NSA to silence dissenting voices and stifle opposition.

The case has also highlighted the need for greater transparency and accountability in the legal system. Many people are calling for an independent investigation into Kashyap’s case, with the aim of establishing the truth behind the allegations against him.

Manish Kashyap’s case has become a symbol of the ongoing struggle for freedom of speech and human rights in India. His detention under the NSA has sparked a national debate about the use of the law to silence dissenting voices. While the government has defended its decision, Kashyap’s supporters continue to fight for his release and for justice to be served.

Supreme Court delivers unexpected decision on May 8th.

During a hearing on May 8, the Supreme Court bench, led by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud, rejected Manish Kashyap’s petition to club all FIRs filed against him in Bihar and Tamil Nadu, remove the National Security Act (NSA) imposed on him, and grant him bail. The court stated that Kashyap had tried to spread unrest in a peaceful state like Tamil Nadu through fake videos.

The bench also made it clear that they were not willing to use their powers under Article 32 of the Constitution. Instead, they instructed Kashyap to approach the High Court with his petition.

The decision of the Supreme Court came as a big blow to Kashyap and his supporters, who were hoping for a positive outcome. However, the court’s observation about Kashyap’s alleged role in inciting unrest through fake videos has also raised concerns about the government’s use of the NSA to silence dissenting voices.

Kashyap’s case has become a focal point in the ongoing debate about freedom of speech and human rights in India. Many people are calling for greater transparency and accountability in the legal system, and for an end to the government’s use of laws like the NSA to stifle opposition and dissent.

As Kashyap prepares to approach the High Court, his family, and supporters continue to maintain his innocence and demand justice for him. The outcome of his case could have far-reaching implications for the future of free speech and human rights in India.


Manish Kashyap(Son Of Bihar): A Brief Overview of the Case

Manish Kashyap(Son Of Bihar) was arrested for sharing a fake video on social media which allegedly showed the assault of Bihari migrant laborers in Tamil Nadu. An FIR was filed against him for spreading communal unrest through the video. Kashyap was detained for disseminating the fabricated video.

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