Hindu Ekta Yatra: Organized in Karimnagar by BJP Telangana President to Promote Unity Among Hindus

Hindu Ekta Yatra
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Hindu Ekta Yatra: The President of BJP Telangana, Bandi Sanjay Kumar, has announced the organization of the ‘Hindu Ekta Yatra‘ in Karimnagar on the occasion of Telugu Hanuman Jayanti. The Yatra is scheduled to take place on Sunday and is expected to be attended by around one lakh people. The Chief Minister of Assam, Himantha Biswa Sharma, will also participate in the Yatra as the Chief Guest.

The Hindu Ekta Yatra aims to promote unity, solidarity, and cohesion among the Hindu population to resist divisive forces that aim to destroy the fabric of India in the name of secularism, plurality, and diversity. The procession will start from Vysya Bhavan in Karimnagar at 4 PM on Sunday.

BJP Telangana President Organizes Hindu Ekta Yatra to Protest Against Injustices Inflicted on Hindus in Telangana

Bandi Sanjay Kumar stated that the purpose of the Hindu Ekta Yatra is to draw attention to the injustices inflicted on the Hindus of Telangana under the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) government, which he alleges is colluding with the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) to provide a safe haven for Islamic extremists. Hindus of all denominations, castes, languages, and regions are invited to participate in the Yatra to demonstrate their strength and unity against divisive forces.

Hindu Ekta Yatra: Director and Staff of  Film ‘The Kerala Story’ to Participate in Hindu Ekta Yatra

The participation of the director and his staff in the movie ‘The Kerala Story‘ in the yatra is significant because the film has been embroiled in controversy ever since its release. The movie, which tells the story of the plight of Hindus in Kerala, has been accused of hurting religious sentiments and promoting communal disharmony. Despite the backlash, the director and his team have stood by their work, asserting that the movie portrays the reality of the situation in Kerala.

By participating in the Hindu Ekta Yatra, the director, and his staff are making a statement about their commitment to promoting the cause of Hindu unity and countering the rising threat of radical forces. Their presence at the yatra is expected to lend support to the larger message of the event, which is about demonstrating the strength and solidarity of the Hindu community against divisive forces.

The yatra is open to Hindus of all denominations, castes, languages, and regions, who are invited to join the event and show their support for the cause of Hindu unity. The participation of the director and his staff in the movie ‘The Kerala Story’ adds a unique dimension to the event and is sure to attract attention from the media and the public alike.

Overall, the participation of the director and his staff in the movie ‘The Kerala Story’ in the Hindu Ekta Yatra is a positive development for the cause of Hindu unity and solidarity. It is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their commitment to the cause and to promote the message of the yatra to a wider audience. The event is expected to be a significant step towards countering the divisive forces that threaten the fabric of Bharat and promoting the values of unity and cohesion among the Hindu population.

Hindu Ekta Yatra

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma addresses “Hindu Ekta Yatra”, vows to stop love jihad and close madrassas

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma attended the “Hindu Ekta Yatra” rally in Karimnagar, Telangana, on May 14 as the chief guest. During the rally, the Chief Minister addressed the massive gathering and stated that his government is working to put an end to love jihad in Assam. Sarma also mentioned that his government is taking steps to shut down madrassas in Assam, adding that 600 such institutions had been closed after he became the Chief Minister and another 300 would be shut down this year.

He further expressed his desire to turn Telangana into a Ram Rajya based on a new Hindu civilization. Sarma stated that it is time to work towards making Telangana a Ram Rajya and that it is their goal to achieve this. Upon arriving in Karimnagar, the Assam Chief Minister was welcomed by Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay Kumar.

Sarma also criticized the Telangana government, stating that diesel prices are cheaper in Assam than in Telangana and that the latter is exploiting its people. The Chief Minister’s presence at the “Hindu Ekta Yatra” rally is seen as a positive step towards promoting the cause of Hindu unity and solidarity in the country.

Hindu Ekta Yatra

Hindu Ecosystem founder and Hindutva leader Kapil Mishra joins Hindu Ekta Yatra in Karimnagar

Kapil Mishra, a founder of  Hindu Ecosystem from Delhi and a prominent Hindutva leader participated in the “Hindu Ekta Yatra” held in Karimnagar, Telangana. The yatra, which aims to promote Hindu unity and solidarity, was organized by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and saw the participation of various Hindutva leaders and supporters.

During his address at the rally, Kapil Mishra called for the protection of Hindu culture and traditions and spoke out against the perceived threat posed by minority communities to Hinduism. He also criticized the Congress party for what he called its “appeasement politics” towards minorities and accused it of being responsible for the partition of India.

Kapil Mishra is known for his controversial statements and has been accused of inciting violence against minority communities in the past. His participation in the yatra has therefore drawn criticism from various quarters, with many accusing him of spreading communal hatred and promoting divisive politics.

The yatra itself has also been a subject of controversy, with many questioning its motives and accusing it of being a platform for promoting communalism and hatred towards minorities. However, supporters of the yatra argue that it is an important platform for promoting Hindu unity and countering the perceived threat posed by radical forces.

Kapil Mishra’s participation in the “Hindu Ekta Yatra” in Karimnagar highlights the ongoing debate around Hindutva politics and the role of religion in Indian politics. While some view the yatra as a positive development for the promotion of Hindu unity and solidarity, others see it as a divisive and dangerous platform for promoting communalism and hatred towards minority communities. The ongoing debate around these issues underscores the need for continued dialogue and engagement around the role of religion in Indian society and politics.

Importance of Hindu Dharma for Survival of India: Tiger Raja Singh’s Message at Hindu Ekta Yatra

Tiger Raja Singh, a member of the Telangana Legislative Assembly and a well-known Hindutva leader, recently made a statement emphasizing the importance of Hindu dharma for the survival of the country. Singh asserted that Hindu dharma is the essence of India’s national life and that if the people of India want their country to survive, they must hold fast to it.

According to Singh, the survival of the country depends on the preservation of its cultural heritage, which is rooted in Hindu dharma. He argued that those who do not value and protect their cultural heritage risk being wiped out in just three generations. Singh’s statement underscores the importance of preserving and promoting Hindu dharma in India, and it highlights the growing concern among many Hindus about the erosion of traditional values and culture.

Singh’s statement is significant, as he is a prominent leader in the Hindutva movement and has been vocal about his support for Hindu causes. His message resonates with many Hindus who see their cultural identity and heritage under threat from forces that seek to undermine Hindu dharma and erode the country’s cultural roots.

The message is also relevant in the context of the ongoing Hindu Ekta Yatra, which aims to promote the unity and solidarity of Hindus across the country. The yatra, which has been organized by the BJP, has attracted participation from a wide range of Hindu organizations and leaders, including Kapil Mishra and Himanta Biswa Sarma, among others.

Overall, Tiger Raja Singh’s statement highlights the need to promote and preserve Hindu dharma and cultural heritage as essential components of India’s national life. It is a reminder that the survival of the country depends on the strength of its cultural roots and that those who value their heritage must stand up to protect it. As the Hindu Ekta Yatra continues to gain momentum, it provides a platform for Hindus across the country to come together and demonstrate their commitment to preserving their cultural identity and heritage.

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