G20 Tourism Summit Begins in Srinagar Amidst Heightened Security Measures

G20 Tourism Summit
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G20 Tourism Summit 2023: The third G20 Tourism Summit Working Group meeting is set to commence in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir, with extensive security arrangements in place. The three-day meeting will witness the highest participation of foreign delegates compared to previous gatherings, as highlighted by G20 Chief Coordinator Harshvardhan Shringla. This international event serves as an important platform to promote India’s cultural heritage and diverse tourism potential while focusing on sustainable development. However, the comprehensive security measures underscore the significance of the event and the imperative to maintain a safe environment for all participants.

G20 Tourism Summit: Record Participation of Foreign Delegates

The G20 Tourism Summit Working Group meeting in Srinagar boasts a notable increase in the attendance of foreign delegates, surpassing previous meetings. G20 Chief Coordinator Harshvardhan Shringla expressed his enthusiasm for the large turnout, emphasizing that this gathering includes delegates not only from G20 member countries but also from international organizations affiliated with the G20. Approximately 60 foreign delegates, including senior diplomats, are expected to participate, with Singapore having the largest contingent among the member countries attending the meeting.

G20 Tourism Summit: Significance of Hosting the Event in Srinagar

The decision to hold the working group meeting in Srinagar underscores the city’s unique appeal and cultural significance. Shringla emphasized that Srinagar was the ideal choice for a tourism-focused event in India, citing its natural beauty and rich heritage as unparalleled assets. As the first international event in Jammu and Kashmir since its designation as a Union Territory in 2019, hosting the G20 gathering in Srinagar represents an opportunity to showcase the region’s potential and foster tourism development.

G20 Tourism Summit

G20 Tourism Summit: Focus on Promoting India’s Cultural Identity and Tourism Potential

The G20 Tourism Summit Working Group meeting in Srinagar aims to achieve several objectives, including presenting India’s rich cultural identity to the world and highlighting its tourism potential. With a focus on sustainable tourism, eco-tourism, and adventure tourism, the meeting seeks to promote Jammu and Kashmir’s unique offerings in these areas. The discussions aim to strengthen economic growth, preserve cultural heritage, and facilitate the sustainable development of the region. The J&K Tourism Secretary, Syed Abid Rashid, emphasized efforts to promote 300 new tourist destinations in the region to accommodate the growing tourism industry.

G20 Tourism Summit: Unprecedented Security Arrangements

To ensure the safety of all participants, an elaborate security apparatus has been put in place in Srinagar for the G20 meeting. The security measures include reinforced CCTV surveillance, anti-drone systems, and the deployment of elite forces such as the National Security Guard (NSG) and Marine Commandos. The venue for the meeting, the Sher-e-Kashmir International Convention Centre (SKICC), and its surrounding areas have witnessed enhanced security presence. The robust security measures reflect the commitment to maintaining law and order and safeguarding the event’s smooth proceedings.

G20 Tourism Summit

G20 Tourism Summit: Restricted Movement and Precautionary Measures:

As part of the security arrangements, the civilian movement has been restricted on key roads leading to the SKICC for the duration of the meeting. Traffic advisories have been issued, and all schools in Srinagar will remain closed from Monday to Wednesday. Precautionary measures have been implemented, urging members of the minority community and workers from outside the region to stay indoors. The advisory aims to minimize potential risks and maintain a secure environment throughout the event.

“G20 Tourism Summit Working Group Meeting in Srinagar: A Milestone for Jammu and Kashmir’s Tourism Potential”

The commencement of the G20 Tourism Summit Working Group meeting in Srinagar signifies a significant milestone for Jammu and Kashmir, providing a platform to promote its cultural heritage and tourism potential on a global stage. The increased participation of foreign delegates underscores the importance of international collaboration in reviving the tourism sector. While the comprehensive security arrangements ensure the safety of all participants, they also demonstrate the commitment to maintaining a secure environment for fruitful discussions and deliberations. By leveraging this historic opportunity, Jammu and Kashmir can showcase its priceless culture, heritage, and warm hospitality to foster sustainable tourism growth and economic development.

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