Director of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ Summoned by Kolkata Police

The Diary of West Bengal
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The Diary of West Bengal: Sanoj Mishra, the director of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’, has been summoned by the Kolkata Police for questioning regarding allegations of defaming the state in his upcoming film. While Mishra maintains that his movie is based on factual events, an FIR has been registered against the film, leading to legal action and a summons for the director.

The Dairy Of West Bengal: Summons Issued by Kolkata Police

Sanoj Mishra, director of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’, has been called for questioning by the Kolkata Police. The summons, scheduled for May 30, comes in response to a written complaint lodged against the movie at the Amherst Street police station. The complaint alleges that the film attempted to defame West Bengal.

Director Sanoj Mishra Claims Harassment as Legal Action Targets His Film ‘The Diary of West Bengal’

Mishra contends that the case filed against his movie is an act of harassment. He believes that the legal action is intended to create difficulties for him and impede the release of his film. Mishra remains adamant that his work is based on factual events, particularly concerning the law and order situation in West Bengal.

Controversial Trailer of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ Sparks Debate on Realities and Portrayal of the State

The film’s trailer has stirred controversy by making claims of “mass murders, rapes, and a Hindu exodus” occurring in West Bengal. It also refers to the state as the “new Kashmir of India.” Mishra defends his movie, asserting that it is grounded in thorough research and aims to shed light on the prevailing issues in the region.

Mishra’s Stand and Release Plans:

Despite the summons and legal challenges, Mishra remains determined to release ‘The Diary of West Bengal.’ He expresses his intention to proceed with the film’s release by August and requests the intervention of the Prime Minister and Home Minister. Mishra emphasizes that he is not against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee but rather against the system.

Controversy Surrounding Sanoj Mishra’s Film: Defending Artistic Freedom and Factual Representation in ‘The Diary of West Bengal’

The summoning of Sanoj Mishra by the Kolkata Police in response to allegations of defamation in his film has sparked controversy and raised questions about artistic freedom and expression. As the case unfolds, the director continues to defend his work, maintaining that it is based on factual events and highlighting the urgent issues faced in West Bengal.

Story and Trailer of The Dairy of West Bengal

Before the country’s freedom, the pride of the country is Kolkata and Bengal, where many great men and scholars took birth, Bengal has been at the forefront of freedom business and in cinema, where millions of poor laborers used to go to employment because Kolkata country What was the capital of it again, the riots took place in place of the business of the industry, started running in other cities for young employment, bomb blasting.

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