Reasons for Demands Banning Adipurush in India: Exploring the Top 4 Concerns Raised by the Public

Reasons for Demands Banning Adipurush
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Reasons for Demands Banning Adipurush in India: The release of Adipurush, a highly anticipated adaptation of the Ramayana, has ignited a storm of controversy, with a significant portion of the public demanding a ban on the film. This article delves into the top four concerns voiced by the public, shedding light on the reasons for demands banning Adipurush. From dialogue delivery and character portrayal to religious sentiments and misrepresentation, we explore the key issues that have sparked such intense debate.

1. Reasons for Demands Banning Adipurush: Criticisms of Senseless and Offensive Dialogues

One of the primary concerns voiced by devotees of Ram and Hanuman is the perceived senseless and offensive dialogue delivery in Adipurush. Some argue that the dialogue fails to capture the essence of the revered characters, causing hurt and disrespect to their religious sentiments. This issue has led to a wave of criticism, with devotees expressing their disappointment and anger over the alleged mishandling of the dialogue.

Offensive Dialogues Of  Adipurush

(1) “कपड़ा तेरे बाप का! तेल तेरे बाप का! जलेगी भी तेरे बाप की”

(2) “तेरी बुआ का बगीचा है क्या जो हवा खाने चला आया”

(3) “जो हमारी बहनों को हाथ लगाएंगे उनकी लंका लगा देंगे”

(4) “आप अपने काल के लिए कालीन बिछा रहे हैं”

(5) “मेरे एक सपोले ने तुम्हारे शेषनाग को लंबा कर दिया अभी तो पूरा पिटारा भरा पड़ा है”

2. Mischaracterization of Ramayana Characters

Another reason behind the demands for banning Adipurush is the mischaracterization of pivotal figures from the Ramayana. Critics argue that the portrayal of characters such as Ravan, who is depicted as a street goon, deviates significantly from the original source material. This deviation has sparked outrage among audiences, who feel that the film’s interpretation lacks the depth and reverence expected from a mythological epic.

3. Hurting Hindu Religious Sentiments

The film has faced accusations of hurting Hindu religious sentiments, further fueling the controversy. Certain scenes and narrative elements are believed to depict Hindu Dharma in a derogatory or insensitive manner, leading to discontent and protest from sections of the audience. The perception that Adipurush disrespects the core tenets and beliefs of Hinduism has caused a significant backlash, prompting demands for banning Adipurush and adding to the Reasons for demands banning Adipurush.

4. Misrepresentation of Ramayana

A significant concern raised by the public is the alleged misrepresentation of the Ramayana in Adipurush. Critics argue that the film deviates from the original story, taking artistic liberties that distort the narrative and dilute its cultural and spiritual significance. This deviation from the traditional retelling of the epic has sparked a sense of betrayal among the audience, leading to calls for the film’s prohibition.


The Reasons for demands for banning Adipurush in India stem from genuine concerns voiced by the public, centered around issues of dialogue delivery, character portrayal, religious sentiments, and misrepresentation of the Ramayana. While it remains to be seen how these concerns will be addressed, the controversy surrounding the film highlights the deep emotional connection people have with religious narratives and the significance of maintaining their sanctity. As discussions continue, the filmmakers and stakeholders involved will need to carefully navigate these concerns and find a way to bridge the gap between artistic expression and reverence for cultural and religious beliefs.


Q. What is Adipurush Controversy.

Ans – The Adipurush controversy refers to the ongoing debate, criticism, and public backlash surrounding the film “Adipurush,” an adaptation of the Hindu epic, Ramayana. The controversy encompasses various aspects, including dialogue delivery, character portrayal, cultural representation, and religious sentiments.

Q. Adipurush Controversy Dialogue?

(1) “कपड़ा तेरे बाप का! तेल तेरे बाप का! जलेगी भी तेरे बाप की”

(2) “तेरी बुआ का बगीचा है क्या जो हवा खाने चला आया”

(3) “जो हमारी बहनों को हाथ लगाएंगे उनकी लंका लगा देंगे”

(4) “आप अपने काल के लिए कालीन बिछा रहे हैं”

(5) “मेरे एक सपोले ने तुम्हारे शेषनाग को लंबा कर दिया अभी तो पूरा पिटारा भरा पड़ा है”

Q. Is Adipurush Banned in India?

Ans – No. But the public demands it be banned.

Q. Reasons for Demands Banning Adipurush in India?

  • Senseless and Offensive Dialogues.

  • The mischaracterization of Ramayana. Characters

  • Hurting Hindu Religious Sentiments.

  • Misrepresentation of Ramayana.

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