Love Jihad

Love Jihad: Muslim men entice Hindu women to convert through marriage

Love Jihad is a term that has gained attention and sparked debates in recent years. It refers to a controversial concept alleging that Muslim men strategically convert non-Muslim women to Islam through deceptive tactics, such as feigned love or marriage. While this notion has garnered significant attention and raised concerns in some circles, it is important…

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Supreme Court of India

Supreme Court of India dismissed a Petition Seeking the Inauguration of the New Parliament Building by the President

Supreme Court of India: The vacation bench of the Supreme Court of India has dismissed a petition that sought directions to the Lok Sabha Secretariat for the inauguration of the new parliament building by the President of India, Droupadi Murmu. The honorable court, while rejecting the petition, made strong observations, stating that they were not…

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The Real Story Of Naimisha: Brainwashing Attempts and Resisting Religious Indoctrination at Universities

The story of Naimisha, a young girl from Orissa studying at Delhi University, is a powerful example of the impact of religious indoctrination and the importance of standing up against it. In her own words, she shares her experience of being subjected to brainwashing attempts by a fellow student who constantly taunted her for not…

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